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Things To Do in Goa

Best places Visit in Goa
Hot air Ballooning


A fantastic way to experience air balloon flight, and a great adventure that is not in the least bit physically demanding...
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Froggyland activities in Goa


An amusement park, we offer thrilling and excitement rides of international standards...
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Cycle Tour of Old Goa


Start from Goa's capital, Panaji. Take the magnificent Linhares Bridge and Causeway, built...
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Cycle to the Islands in Goa


Start from the Ferry Ramp at Ribandar, just outside the capital, Panaji. Take the traditional Goan Ferry across...
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Crocodile Dundee in Goa


Observe the abundant bird life of the mangrove backwaters and get really...
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Watersports Package


Goa is blessed with pristine water bodies and jaw dropping landscapes. What better way to treat the adventure...
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Zip line Package in Goa

Zip Line

Enjoy the thrilling ride in air and get a glimpse of the surrounding nature beauty like a bird....
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Discover Rappelling Package in Goa

Rappelling and Wall climbing

Rappelling, also known as Abseiling is a unique skill used for controlled descent from a high vertical faces...
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Discover Spice Plantation Tour Package in Goa

Spice Plantation Tour

you can breathe in fresh air and explore the rare and long forgotten plants in our plantation...
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Discover Trekking Package in Goa


This short duration trek will take you through the varied terrains of the plantation including water body...
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Discover Grande Island Trip with Snorkeling and Buffet Lunch Package in Goa

Grande Island Trip with...

Enjoy the enchantment of the underwater world through an exciting snorkeling and buffet lunch
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Discover Dolphin Safari Package in Goa

Dolphin Safari

Dolphins are adorable and endearing to watch. With their synchronized twirls and dynamic bodily movements...
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Parasailing in Goa in Goa

Parasailing in Goa

To satisfy the adventure junkie in you, it doesnt get grander than parasailing in Goa...
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Banana Ride in Goa

Banana Ride

Banana Boat Ride A Fun Watersport To Enjoy With Family And Friends...
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Bottom Fishing in Goa

Bottom Fishing

With us, fishing in Goa is surely one of the most serene experiences as it allows you to appreciate the wonders...
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Catamaran Sailing in Goa

Catamaran Sailing

Known as the Rome of the East, Goa is the smallest state of India. Cerulean water that is ideal for Catamaran Boat...
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Jet Ski in Goa

Jet Ski

If you have the need for speed then you definitely have to try riding a jet ski during your holiday in...
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Kayaking in Goa

Kayaking Excursion on Sal Backwaters

Book one of the most popular kayaking excursions of Sal Backwaters in Goa.
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Trawling Fishing in Goa

Trawling Fishing

Trawling fishing in Goa is an adventure that you should experience firsthand. Get on a boat...
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