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What is E-Bikes Tours?

B:Live is India’s first Electric bike tours. Experience the joy of effortless riding on E-bikes while exploring the hidden gems of Goa.


We offer immersive experiences which will take you on a journey of discovering the local culture, history and heritage of Goa. The B:Live experience allows our guests to indulge in flavours of food, music and art without leaving behind a carbon footprint. Our tours are led by Captains who are subject matter experts who will share their valuable knowledge with the guests. Snacks and refreshments is a part of all our tours.

Season of Operation

Everyday for the entire year.

Safety & Security

Helmet, Elbow and Knee pads provided with the electric bikes. The starting age to ride the cycles is 11+ years.

Departure times –

  • 8.00 AM - 11.00 AM
  • 11.30 AM - 02.30 PM
  • 03.00 PM - 06.00 PM

1)Culture Trails of Panjim

  • Time – 9.00am,11.30am and 3.00pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure – Multi Level Car Park opp Santa Monica Jetty Panjim
  • Frequency – Monday To Saturday
Ride past the well-preserved heritage and culture of Panjim on E-bikes. Immerse yourself in interesting stories, little anecdotes, lip-smacking feasts and fascinating facts of Panjim. Get entry into a LP store and know all about analog and digital music. And savour an authentic Goan snack and coffee in the oldest ward of Panjim.

2)Escape to Divar Island

  • Time – 8.00am and 3.00pm
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure – Old Goa Residency
  • Frequency – Everyday
Have an E-biking experience on the beautiful winding roads of Divar Island. Visit an Indo-Portuguese heritage home for breakfast / high tea after spending time at one of the finest baroque churches of Goa. From witnessing a mystical temple site dating back to over 1000 years to getting insights to traditional occupations like fishing and bread-making, this ride has it all.

3)Food Trails Of Panaji

  • Time – 6.30 Pm
  • Duration: 2.30 Hours
  • Departure – Multi Level Car Park opp Santa Monica Jetty Panjim
  • Frequency – Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday
While Panjim is known for its well-preserved heritage, that's not all it has to offer. Feed your passion for fun with a specially curated Goan food trail. Know all about the strong Portuguese influence and the traditional Hindu influence that pre-date the Portuguese. And get to know the differences between the two. Ride through the scenic lanes of Fontainhas on E-bikes, try different courses of local cuisine punctuated with Goan cocktails served by smiling locals. This is a ride that is nothing less than a feast for your senses.

4)Lost City of Old Goa

  • Time – 9.00am,11.30am and 3.00pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure – Old Goa Residency
  • Frequency – Everyday
Have an E-biking experience in the majestic former colonial capital of Goa. Explore insights into the layers of Portuguese and pre-Portuguese history. Get entry to some of the most ancient churches of Goa that are recognised as UNESCO world heritage monuments and have a panoramic experience from the highest point in Old Goa. Relax and refresh yourself visit to one of the oldest bakeries in Goa and a box of delicacies to relish.

5)Making of Panjim City

  • Time – 9.00am,11.30am and 3.00pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure – Multi Level Car Park opp Santa Monica Jetty Panjim
  • Frequency – Everyday
Get an exclusive access to a pretty chapel and hear all about the uniqueness of this chapel from the chaplain himself. Take a small break from our fun-filled e-bike ride at a heritage property for some snacks and refreshing drink. On E-bikes, head to explore Kala Academy, the iconic centre for Arts build by the great architect Charles Correa. And after cycling in and around the city, we stop at Our Lady of Immaculate Conception for a great experience.

6)Village Vista of Benaulim

  • Time – 8.00am and 4.00pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure – Emerald Palms, Benaulim & Club Mahindra, Varca.
  • Frequency – Everyday
Explore the intimate aspects of Varca on an E-bike where you’ll get to meet and greet the locals, while absorbing the serenity and beauty of Benaulim. See how the locals live their daily life in Varca, Assolna and Orlim. From local cow shed to an Indo-Portuguese house, absorb the enticing stories of Varca which most tourists don’t even get a glimpse of. Learn about some traditional farming methods and agricultural practices followed by the local Goans. Not just that, visit one of the local manufacturing units that creates ropes and doormats using raw materials from the coconut tree. Catch the evergreen Kulagar plantation and the fascinating St. Michael Church.

7)Village Vistas Of Cansaulim

  • Time – 8.00am and 4.00pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure – Heritage Village Club
  • Frequency – Everyday
It’ll only take a few minutes on the E-bike to ride far away from the city-side and enter the countryside of Cansaulim. Explore the raw Cansaulim way of life by witnessing their regular day which might come as a surprise to the urban visitors. Get a sneak peek into Girron, a perfect raw example of how modern technology has not made its way to this part of Goa and Tinto, a commonplace for the sale of the local produce. Visit 3 Kings Chapel which is believed to be the most haunted spot in Goa. To top that, get to know the story behind the humble Pao and learn all about its making process at a local bakery, situated bang on the beach.

8)Village Vistas Of Cavelossim

  • Time – 8.00am and 4.00pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure – Novotel Resorts And Spa Radisson Blu Resort
  • Frequency – Everyday
There’s more to Cavelossim than what meets the eye. Cycle through some stunning stretches and take a look behind the screens of what it takes to get the freshest seafood on your plate. A nationalist once lived here for a day, wander through the same location and know what triggered the movement to Goa’s liberation. For a real understanding of Cavelossim culture, look no further than this rich, impressive and authentic tour. It’s a road cycling odyssey through a less-explored village life of Cavelossim.

9)Colours Of Calangute

  • Time – 9.00am and 3.00pm
  • Duration: 3 hours & 30 minutes
  • Departure – Taj Holiday Village & Taj Fort Aguada, Candolim, Goa, India
  • Frequency – Everyday
Start by Church of St. Lawrence and Our lady of Hope, just a few of the many amazing sights that one may encounter on this trail. Witness the original art pieces at a private art gallery Uncover trivias about many Goan artists as you ride through the otherworldly side of Calangute and Candolim. Ride your way to a contemporary bakery to savour some authentic snacks and tea.

Note: To check availability you can contact B:live office number +918669600373

Operation Address

  • Blive Cycling Hub Panaji – Opposite Santa Monica Jetty, Multi Level Car Park, Panaji – 403001
  • Blive Cycling Hub Old Goa – Old Goa Residency, Old Goa, 403402

Sr. No. Package Fare (Rs.)
1 Culture Trails of Panjim 2000
2 Escape to Divar Island 2500
3 Food Trails Of Panaji 2000
4 Lost City of Old Goa 2000
5 Making of Panjim City 2000
6 Village Vista of Benaulim 2000
7 Village Vista of Cansaulim 2000
8 Village Vista of Cavelossim 2000
9 Colours Of Calangute 2360

Cancellation Charges: Cancellation will be allowed 24 hours prior to the day of boarding. 10% of total amount to be charged as cancellation fee.