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Mando Festival

Mando is a beautiful dance performance. The theme is usually one of love – bitter and sweet passion which is slow and deliberate in movement and well expressed through words and graceful movements of dance. Young men and women gracefully weave rhythmic patterns to the beat of a ghumot (mud percussion instrument) and the romantic strains of the violin. Slow and sad at the beginning, the Mando ends in the lively Dhulpod. The theme of the traditional mando is Love and romance, but of late there has been some innovation with a diversity of thematic subjects. The spectator's eye is entertained by varied poses in unending silhouettes, some more grave, others more graceful. In earlier days the Mando dance was performed usually in the evenings in celebration of weddings in the hall of an aristocrat's residence. Today, public performances are limited to festivals and other events. The Mando Festival has been continuously held in Goa for over 30 years. Since the 7th year of the festivals -- in 1974 -- the Goa Cultural & Social Centre has been organising the event, annually.