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New Years
1st January

New Year in Goa is perhaps the biggest celebration of the year. Any excuse for a party - and New Year’s makes for a brilliant one. There are parties everywhere, literally everywhere, you look. People dancing on the streets and bonfires on the beach, the clubs are hopping the crowds are moving, New Year’s in Goa is where it’s at.

Traditional Observances
Although everyone follows the Roman calendar and thus everyone loves to have a good party at midnight on the 31st of December, there are those religious communities which attach a deeper significance to the event. One such is the Christian community, the devout members of which welcome in the New Year with Midnight Mass. Another interesting tradition is the burning of the Old man; nowadays of course he’s sometimes an old woman or the latest baddie of the movies or current events. Stuffed with straw, the children set him ablaze at midnight to signify the burning away of the faults and flaws of the old year, so that the new one can be welcomed in.

As has been mentioned time and time again, by many and varied people, Goa is a great place to party. Some if this probably has to do with the easy-going temperament of the local people, who welcome others into their state with open arms, and treat them with the greatest of hospitality. Another reason the New Year’s bashes in Goa are so famous is because of the varied venues available to party at. You can start with drinks in a club and end with a bonfire and fireworks on the beach and then as the celebrations give way to post-party lethargy, lie back and watch the sun rise.

Join the fun
A New Years in Goa can be planned-out or spontaneous. The bookings of course need to be made in advance to ensure that you have a place to stay. This time of year is also when Goa hosts the ever-popular ‘Sunburn Festival’ and people pour in from all across the globe to chill, and listen to some great music. Most organized parties for New Years have tickets that can be purchased. Some merely have a cover charge that can be paid at the time of entry. Other people prefer to organize their own dos with family and friends. Any way you look at it, however, when the ball is dropping at midnight, Goa is the place to be.