Goa Tourism Development Corporation
A Government of Goa Undertaking

Tribal Festival At Xeldem – Goa
7th - 8th January

A two day tribal festival, and its sixth edition, is set to be organized by the Adivasi Sangatna, Quepem on January 7th - 8th 2017.

The festival aims at reviving, promoting and preserving the State’s unique traditional games, culture and cuisine, especially the customs of the tribal population.

This year the festival is being organized at the Village Panchayat Ground, Xeldem – Quepem . The Tribal Association will organize various events, competitions, folklore programmes and special programmes for children. On 7th January 2017, the festival will commence at 3.00 pm and on 8th January, the festival will begin from 10.00 am onwards for the whole day.

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Mr. Nilesh Cabral,  Chairman, Goa Tourism Development  Corporation said, “The  Tribal Festival is very unique and  brings out the essence of  the tribal population  who  live  in Goa  and  follow  certain  customs and traditions. The festival is being given a boost by Goa Tourism as tourists will get insights into Goa’s lesser known communities and their lifestyles.”

Traditional games like chateani, logoreani, ton barani -  guli danda,   preparation of traditional items like mol'la (palm leaf mat),  san'n (broom making), nivoni  (paddy grass  weaving) and fulla fati (head bands of flowers),  stalls  with  traditional instruments and kapdam (clothing) unique to the tribal community,  preparation of fov, ambil (nachni porridge), pita gulio, pinagre, donne, sanna, pattoleo, shevyo and soji  will be  on display and  sale.

The annual souvenir of the Tribal Association will also be released on 7th January 2017.

This year the tribal festival is expected to draw large crowds, both tourists and locals as the uniqueness of the festival has been promoted widely and has generated keen interest from tourists.