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Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Goa Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Goa

Church of Our Lady of Rosary

Standing atop the Monte Santo (Holy Hill) and keeping a benevolent watch over Old Goa, is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Beautiful in its austereness and simplicity this church is one of the only buildings in Goa that attests to the introduction of Renaissance architecture, brought to Goa by the Portuguese. It is perhaps the most Portuguese of all the Goan churches as it was not influenced by the Goan architectural solutions, which though they have their roots in the Portuguese tradition, have their own unique standing. Additionally, the building remains largely unchanged.

Open seven days a week from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

Claim to fame : The church bears an inscription on the conquest of Goa by Afonso de Albuquerque in 1510. Legend has it that Afonso de Albuquerque surveyed the attack of Adil Shah’s army from this hill and vowed to build a church there to give thanks for his victory.

The church of Our Lady of Rosary is also revered for its connection to St. Francis Xavier, who often taught catechism here when it was first built.

Must See :

History, Construction and Architecture

Although de Albuquerque vowed to build a church in this spot when he saw his armies marching to victory, this church was not built in his lifetime. He originally constructed a hermitage on this site, which was later converted into the church which stands here today. The construction began in 1544 and took six years to complete.     Read more +

Interior and Artwork

Like its exterior, the interior of this church is also plain. The reredos (screen or decoration behind the altar) is ungilded but beautifully carved.     Read more +