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Wallpaper Setup Instructions

How to setup our Wallpapers on your Desktop

Minimum System Requirements

PCs running Windows operating system with a screen resolution of at least 800x600 with at least 256 colours.

Windows users

  1. First choose an image from the list. Just below each picture of your choice are given the two screen resolution sizes that the wallpaper is available in. Click on the image size that you want to use. The full-sized image will then be displayed in your Web browser (and will probably not fit entirely on the screen).
  2. To instantly set the large image as your background ("wallpaper"), click the right-hand mouse button on the large image, and select "Set As Wallpaper" from the menu that pops up. This usually works in both Netscape and Internet Explorer.
  3. In a few seconds, your current background image or color will be replaced with the image on the Web page. Whenever you want to use a different picture, visit this site again and repeat with another picture.

If you decide to save multiple images:

To download a collection of different pictures that you can change anytime, go to the selection of your choice and click with your right mouse button on the link. Select the "Save Target As" option to save the file (which should be named something.jpg) into your Windows folder (usually C:\Windows) or into a new folder you have created specifically for background images.
A box will then appear that asks where you would like to save the file. We suggest that you save the file to your Windows directory. If you save it in any other location, please remember the location so you can find it later!
Minimize all programs so you can see your Windows desktop (if you can see the "My Computer" icon, then you're at your desktop!)
Right click anywhere on the desktop. This will open a list of options. Select the "Properties" option. The "Display Properties" box will open. The Background tab should be at the front of the window.
Select the image you just downloaded from the list of images available as wallpaper. You may need to scroll down in this box to find the image. Clicking on the image should show a small preview picture of the wallpaper in the simulated computer screen.
Click OK. Your wallpaper is now in place!

Macintosh Users

These images should work just fine as Macintosh background images also. Follow step 1 above, but instead of clicking the right-hand mouse button, click and hold the mouse button down until a menu pops up. There should be a "Set as wallpaper" option in that menu if you are using Netscape 3.0 or newer.

If you decide to save multiple images:

By default, Mac OS 8 installs a folder called "Sample Desktop Pictures" in the "Apple Extras" folder on your hard drive. After downloading your wallpaper selection, place the file in the "Sample Desktop Pictures" folder.
The "Desktop Picture Control Panel" allows you to select and activate the wallpaper image that you have downloaded. (example: filename.jpg) To get to the "Desktop Picture Control Pane" look under the Apple inside the "Control Panel" folder.
Within the "Desktop Picture Control Panel" click the "Picture" button and then click the "Add Picture/Remove Picture" button to make a selection (pick the image you just downloaded.) Click the "Set Desktop" button and you're done!
If you have any problems with the wallpapers, email us at